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Annual Report 2022

Bjarni Bjarnason

From the CEO

The history of Reykjavik Energy can be divided into several phases, and we are now approaching a turning point. Ahead is a period that will, among other things, be shaped by the fundamental decisions facing OR's new managers, its board, and owners.

Gylfi Magnússon

From the Chair of the Board

The history of Reykjavik Energy is not only the history of an expansive company, but also the history of urban development in Iceland. The utilities that OR now operates were crucial for the development and urbanization of the capital area, and have greatly improved the living conditions of its residents.

Production and distribution

44 million m³ 32 GWh 27 million m³ 108 million m³ 1,155 GWh 443 thousand TB 51 million m³ 3,462 GWh 84 million m³ 12,100 tn