2022 in a Nutshell

Here is a recap of the year's main events.

3. January 2022

Better Charging

We started the year with a bang and introduced the load management project Better Charging. The aim is to research people's charging behavior and how they can be encouraged to charge their cars outside of peak hours.

17. January 2022

League RFN takes off

The elite league in e-sports got a new name at the beginning of the year when the Reykjavík Fibre Network League was introduced on a three-year sponsorship contract. RFN has and will continue to firmly support e-sports that are on a high.

21. January 2022

Edda Sif receives the FKA motivational award

Edda Sif Pind Aradóttir, managing director of Carbfix, received the FKA's motivational award for her great motivation to employees.

9. February 2022

Good energy into society

At the beginning of the year, ON Power received the happy news that, for the third consequtive year, the comany's customers are Iceland's happiest in the electricity retail market.

15. February 2022

Carbfix participates in an international research team

The US Department of Energy has awarded $2.2 million to a project to further develop methods for carbon sequestration by liquefying carbon dioxide in rock in Tamarack, Minnesota, EU. Carbfix was part of that.

1. March 2022

Reykjavík Energy has a new CFO

Benedikt Kjartan Magnússon was appointed Reykjavík Energy's CFO. He came to us from KPMG, where he had worked since 2001.

1. April 2022

Successful auction of RFN's green bonds

Reykjavík Fibre Network's first auction of green bonds takes place and is a success. The bond class is then listed on Nasdaq Iceland's Main Market in May.

22. April 2022

Carbfix wins double in Elon Musk's XPRIZE carbon awards

Carbfix, together with its partners, won two Milestone Awards in the first round of the XPRIZE Carbon Removal Awards, organized by Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation. A huge honor, as over 1,100 applications were received for the competition.

4. May 2022

Be a part of the solution

We held an impressive OR Annual Meeting at the beginning of May under the title "Be a part of the solution." It was a TV program of a kind, broadcast live on the TV channel Hringbraut under the direction of experienced media woman Elín Hirst.

24. June 2023

EV owners benefit from Iceland's Court of Appeal decision

The Cout of Appeal confirmed the decision of the Reykjavík District Court, which had annulled the decision of the appeals committee for tenders in June 20021 to the effect that ON Power had to close many charging points in Reyjavík. Everything was now re-opened and everyone happy.

28. June 2022

Tenfold atmospheric DAC+S at Hellisheidi

Climeworks' new direct air capture facility at Hellisheiði, in collaboration with Carbfix and ON Power, will scale up the current capacity of capturing and disposing of carbon dioxide by a factor of ten.

30. June 2022

RFN rents two fibres in the NATO-cable

At the end of June, Reykjavík Fibre Network and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs agreed on RFN's use of two of the eight fiber optic threads in the NATO-fiber optic cable, which runs around Iceland and to the Westfjords.

13. July 2022

Carbfix hlýtur 16 milljarða styrk frá Evrópusambandinu

Carbfix is selected for grant award from the European Innovation Fund to build the Coda Terminal, a large-scale CO2 transport and storage hub at Straumsvík, Iceland. The hub will be the first of its kind in the world.

13. July 2022

Water levels in low temperature areas in good form

This summer, Veitur reported a good state of water levels in the capital region's low-temperature areas, which could be explained by a pause in utilization. That rest came in handy during the worst cold spells during the winter months.

11. August 2022

Carbfix tests using seawater to mineralize CO2 at Helguvík

Carbfix is set to inject seawater-dissolved CO2 into underground rock formations for long term CO2 mineral storage. The injection well used for this purpose will be at Helguvík in Reykjanesbær, Iceland.

26. August 2022

The presidents of the Baltic countries visit OR

Our people received four presidents at the same time in Hellisheiðarvirkjun. They were the presidents of the Baltic states who were in Iceland for a state visit at the invitation of the president of Iceland. CEO Bjarni Bjarnason welcomed the group and experts from the group educated our guests.

5. September 2022

RFN buys backhaul network from Sýn

At the beginning of September, Sýn hf. and Reykjavík Fibre Network entered an agreement on private negotiations and head of terms for the sale of Sýn's backhaul network and a 12-year service agreement between the companies. This agreement was then confirmed towards the end of the year.

16. September 2022

Extensive maintenance at the wastewater treatment plant

In September, Veitur Utilities began extensive maintenance work at the wastewater treatment plant at Klettagarðar, Reykjavík. Equipment had to be renewed to improve operational safety of the plant.

26. September 2022

OR's CEO to retire

Reykjavík Energy CEO, Bjarni Bjarnason, announces that he intends to retire as of March 1, 2023, exactly 12 years after he took over as CEO.

7. October 2022

OR allocates close to ISK 100 million to scientific research

Reykjavík Energy selects 17 research projects for grants from a newly established Reasearch Fund. Eight projects were led by women and nine by men.

13. October 2022

Three companies within the OR Group receive the Balance Scale

ON Power, Reykjavík Energy and Veitur Utilities are all among companies that receive the Balance Scale for year 2022. It is awarded for keeping a noticable focus on gender equality.

17. October 2022

ON Power increases number of charging points in Garðabær

ON Power takes part in an exciting project in a new neighborhood in Garðabær, where neighborhood charging points are installed at parking lots that are all above ground and shared.

23. November 2022

RFN brings fibre optics to Stokkseyri

Reykjavík Fibre Network continues its ambitious task of bringing as many citizens as possible to the best possible net-connection, and by the end of November all homes and businesses in Stokkseyri were connected.

23. November 2022

Crowds on a history walk: From dirty creeks to sewers

Well over a hundred people attended a "sewer walk" through the centre of Reykjavík with historian Guðjón Friðriksson on the occasion of the publication of the book Cloacina about the development of sewers in the capital.

6. December 2022

Letter of intent signed on Coda Terminal

Carbfix, the municipality of Hafnarfjordur and Rio Tinto Iceland have signed a Letter of Intent in support of Coda Terminal, a CO2 transport and mineral storage hub to be built at Straumsvík, Iceland.

13. December 2022

Historically much use of heating in the capital area

An unusually long cold spell in December put a strain on Veitur Utilities' heating systems. Repeatedly, records were broken in the amount of water delivered to customers.

22. December 2022

Gylfi Magnússon is the new chairman of the board

At the end of the year, Reykjavík Energy's owners elected a new Board of Directors, chaired by Dr. Gylfi Magnússon. Dr. Brynhildur Davíðsdóttir had announced she would not stand for re-election.

22. December 2022

Interested in CO2 from Hellisheidi for renewable fuel

ON Power and the Swiss energy company Swiss Green Gas International Ltd. present an agreement on the preliminary design of a possible addition to the air treatment plant at the Hellisheiði Geothermal Power Plant.

28. December 2022

ON Power offers its street-light services for sale

In September, ON Power offered for sale a business unit that has provided various road and street lighting services to municipalities and others. Following an open sales process, an agreement was reached with the company Ljóstvistar.