in Annual Report 2022

The photographs that adorn the cover and chapter pages of the Annual Report were shot by photographer Haukur Snorrason. Haukur has more than 30 years of experience in the field. Many of his pictures are taken from the air, as Haukur is also a pilot. He has been organizing photography tours around Iceland for many years.

Haukur Snorrason _ Flæður  (1)

The photo is taken over the confluence of the Hverfisfljót and Núpsvötn rivers in the county of Vestur-Skaftafellssýsla. The confluence is roughly halfway between Kirkjubæjarklaustur and Skaftafell, on the black sands south of Highway 1.

Haukur Snorrason_8HS7424

These beautiful waters are in Austur-Landeyjar in the Rangárvallasýsla county, west of the Bakki domestic airport.

Haukur Snorrason Jgil _8HS3809

Jökulgil is in Landmannalaugar at the Fjallabak nature reserve. Mount Hattur is in the foreground and in the back you can see Mount Hnaus and then Torfajökull glacier. The picture is taken late at night in June.

Haukur Snorrason _8HS9720

Here we are south of the Fögrufjöll mountains in the county of Vestur-Skaftafellsýsla. Fögrufjöll separate Langisjór and the Skaftá river. Skaftá runs remarkably clear in the foreground. The shot is taken in the fall, decorated with a dusting of snow.

Haukur Snorrason

This picture overlooks the estuary of the Þjórsá river, at the border between the counties of Árnessýsla and Rangárvallasýsla. The marsh red streams from ditches, coloring the river.

Haukur Snorrason Jökulgil

This photo was taken at Jökulgil in the Fjallabak nature reserve. At the front of the picture is Grænihryggur, which translates as ‘green ridge’, although it looks more blue seen like this, from the sky on a late summer evening.

Haukur Snorrason_ Fjallabak

The picture is taken in the Fjallabak nature reserve. Lake Frostastaðavatn is in the foreground.