Reykjavik Energy Group's commitment to continuous improvement creates expertise and knowledge which can be of use to others. Some of the contributing factors are:

  • Its subsidiaries having leading position in geothermal utilisation
  • Veitur Utilities being the largest company of its kind in the country
  • Reykjavik Fibre Network having the most extensive fibre network in Iceland, and
  • a number of innovative projects are initiated within the group, where Carbfix has the highest profile.

Reykjavik Energy Group considers knowledge dissemination, that can benefit others, as one of its key social responsibilities.


Elliðaárstöð - Overview of the area under development as a center for history and education.

Geothermal Exhibition and Elliðaárstöð

A new destination is being developed at the Elliðaár power station following the discontinuation of a century-long history of electricity generation. Instead, a destination for young people and older is under development in this unique natural pearl in the heart of Reykjavík.

About 5,000 visitors visited Elliðaárstöð in 2022 at around 50 events, which were either organized by Elliðaárstöð or others. Work continues in the area and the number of organized visits by school children is increasing rapidly.

For years, the Geothermal Exhibition at the Hellisheidi Power Plant, has received visits from school children as well as tourists. In 2020, in response to the pandemic, online visitations were developed, and a large number of school classes came for a 'visit'. In a regular year, visitors are about 100,000.

In 2022, regular visits recommenced and the operations of the Geothermal Exhibition and Elliðaárstöð were merged within Reykjavík Energy.