E6 Water Usage

Own use

In 2022, Reykjavik Energy Group’s production of cold water amounted to over 27 million m3 and hot water to around 94 million m3. Of the 94 million m3 of hot water produced, 49 million m3 was cold water, which was heated in ON Power’s plants at the Hengill area. The rest was hot water from low-temperature geothermal fields.

Reykjavik Energy Group’s own use of cold water was about 87 million m3 and its hot water use was over 600 thousand m3.

All thermal energy used to heat buildings at Hellisheidi is in a closed system. The same water is recirculated, and the use of thermal energy is not measured. Reykjavik Energy Group’s own use of cold water is almost exclusively for ON Power's geothermal power plants at the Hengill area. In 2022, nearly 87 million m3 of cold water was pumped, almost 51 million m3 of which was utilised for thermal production, mainly domestic heating in the greater Reykjavík area, but approximately 0.4 million m3 was used for power plant operations, approximately 1%.

The percentage of Veitur Utilities’ own use of hot water is very low in relation to the production volume. Veitur Utilities emphasises minimising energy consumption and waste in its utilities systems.


Approximately 72% of geothermal water from Hellisheidi and Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plants has been reinjected into the geothermal field. The mission of the reinjection of the geothermal water into the reservoir is to prolong its use.

Veitur Utilities place importance on reinjecting used geothermal water back in to the reservoir, when applicable.